Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Practice Drills #1

While I'm waiting for leagues to start and data to roll in, I'm still practicing. I'm not sure if I'm practicing effectively or not because I don't have a coach yet and I don't have data collected for enough games. Tomorrow I should be getting my new shoes. I don't think the shoes come with the slickest heel available so I'll probably stop by the pro shop to order it. While I'm there, I'll ask about local coaches. Until then, I'm trying to make my time as productive as possible.

One of the first things I noticed with my new balls is that my spare game is hurting me. Part of this is that I'm not used to throwing a plastic spare ball. Part of it is that I'm experimenting with different shots for my strike ball so I'm throwing fewer strikes. Part of this is that my spare game wasn't fantastic to begin with. The corners are where I seem to be having the most trouble. As such I've been doing this drill a couple of times per week.

1) Throw an entire game aiming at the 7 pin (Would have been 10 if I were right handed).
2) Throw a second game starting at the 10 pin and then alternating between the 10 pin and 7 pin after throwing two good balls in a row.

Usually when I'm doing this drill, I throw my strike ball repeatedly for the third game then bowl a normal game or two and call it a day.


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