Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lunch practice, another high

I went out today and shot some practice at lunch. I started off throwing at the 7 pin, then shot at the 4, then the 2. After I felt good on the left side, I switched to the right side and shot at the 10, then the 6, then the 3. This was probably 2-3 games worth of balls.

I was using a variation of the 3-6-9 method today. I usually don't use a specific method for shooting my spares. Depending on the leave, I have a general idea of what arrow I want to target and where I want to stand and then I tweak it depending on the lane conditions and how I'm throwing. This has served me ok up until now but I've decided that I need some sort of a system to work from if I'm going to improve my accuracy, particularly at picking up splits and difficult combinations.

After practicing my spare work, I experimented with different strike balls. I was bowling in a house that I can never seem to find a line in. I had very little luck with the 2nd and 3rd arrow. I toyed around briefly with throwing an inside line using my particle ball but that didn't seem to work out either.

Finally, I lucked out and somebody who was a regular bowler at the house showed up to practice and I was able to sit back and watch him for a bit. I stole a line from him that seemed to be working well and threw a 214, 179 and new high game of 254. It certainly helps having other bowlers around. That's one bad thing about going out at lunch... lots of times I'm the only person there so if it's a house I haven't bowled regularly, I flounder.


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